Welcome to the website home of Rockin S Tax and Bookkeeping Services!

Since 1996, our mission has been to provide clients with relevant expert information and stalwart professional support. We will structure your financial goals within the tax codes, forging a lifelong relationship with you to see them carried out. Choosing us as your partner also means gaining peace of mind: You’ll know that your information and interests are being protected, handled with integrity and promoted as our highest priority.

Available to Meet the Needs of Your Business
We understand the high standards you demand in business because we demand them of ourselves. In fact, we stake our reputation on it. And, since we also understand that life has its own demands, we work hard to accommodate your busy schedule, offering evening and weekend appointments. As your partner in achieving your goals, we provide year-round consultations for your personal and business needs. Our driving goal is to help you achieve your goals!

Our Offerings in Brief
We provide crucial and expert tax and bookkeeping services to our clients. These include
• Tax services for quarterly or yearly reporting
• General accounting, payroll, and financial reporting
• Year-end reporting assistance for 1099s and W-2 forms

This website exists to provide information to clients and potential clients, so, please, feel free to browse our online home to learn more about the specific services we provide. You’ll discover we offer many helpful resources, from full-service work to guidance that helps our clients prepare their own returns — some of these even for FREE!

A Special Approach to Building Relationships
We especially want you to get to know our firm a bit, including our unique and low-pressure approach to personal and professional services. Our special style is one of the secrets behind our excellent client retention rate. We keep our clients — even when they relocate!

We at Rockin S Tax and Bookkeeping Services are extremely proud of the high-quality services that our firm provides clients. When you are ready to learn more about what we can do to accomplish your specific goals, we encourage you to contact us.

We’re eager to get to know you and become your trusted life-long partner.

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